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Playa del Carmen, México

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"A great reputation is a great noise; the more there is made, the farther off it is heard." -Napoleon Bonaparte

Know more about who we are and how we started!

JustGoodTours was founded by Keshi Marquez and Damian Rozo as a DMC in Playa del Carmen. In 2010 Keshi planned Damian's vacation in the Riviera Maya. Damian had so much fun that he suggested to open a travel agency so that Keshi could share his vast knowledge and passion to help others enjoy their vacations to the same extent. In 2012, this idea became a reality. We combined our experiences and skills to build a new concept in travel, that is, highly personalised and specialised assistance from people that live in Playa del Carmen and have years of experience in the region. Keshi has been on hundreds of tours and has the required knowledge select the best for you. We have done considerable research to arrive at our current offering, and we are continually expanding upon this research to ensure we stay at the forefront of the availability of excursions and to enable you to relax and enjoy your vacation. We guarantee honest information and believe that you will trust our knowledge and standards. We have designed this concept to guarantee that you have the best experience in the Riviera Maya.

You can find a list of our recommended tours in the main page but please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can plan according to your travel wishes and those of your family and friends. Together we can design the best tour for you.

We believe in reputation and friendship - we have been best friends for 28 years! And even if a client never comes back to the Riviera Maya, he will always be our customer and part of the JustGoodTours family. We strive to provide the best service, in order for our clients to go home with a big smile, amazing memories, and speaking fondly about our company and Mexico. Our goal is to have an impeccable reputation, making all our clients our friends.

We are constantly monitoring the market, searching for new adventures and listening to every customer to give you the best service every day. If you want to stay well informed on what is new and what is happening in Playa del Carmen please sign up for our monthly newsletter and if you want to see our weekly tips, gallery of photographs and videos please join our Facebook page at

Please note that all the photographs posted in and in our Facebook page

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are from our own experiences and have not been edited in any way. Keshi is also an amateur photographer and is responsible for most of the images.